The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women With Cancer Now Shipping

The Lovin' Ain't Over for Women with CancerComing soon to eBook format!!

Former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, writes in her foreword, “Whoever you are and no matter what your situation may be, you will be able to find yourself in this book. The Lovin’ Ain’t Over… can be viewed as a guide to better living through making informed choices regarding your relationships as well as by …maneuvering some of the choices during treatment.” The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with Cancer is shipping now for only $18.95*

Following breast cancer treatment, life will never be exactly as it was before. Many women, even those who have not  completed their treatment, declare “I am not the same as I was” as they deal  with the many changes in their body and mind, and in their relationships. The Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with  Cancer takes a frank and open approach in   dealing with many of these issues. The  Lovin’ Ain’t Over for Women with Cancer takes  a holistic look at understanding issues of intimacy after diagnosis and treatment for breast or gynecological cancer.

Authors’ Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz objective is to guide women and their  partners with knowledge and techniques that have worked for other women and   strategies recommended by top health professionals. Scores of women with cancer   have contributed to this book through interviews and focus groups. In The Lovin’Ain’t Over for Women with  Cancer, the authors have integrated relationship and medical information so women have  an all-encompassing yet concise resource. In plain, frank language, they have  created a reader-friendly, proactive, practical, and optimistic guide directed  at female cancer patients with intimacy and sexuality difficulties.

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